About the land and surrounding areas


I don’t know exactly what happened on the land where we live–how it came to be for sale so that Bob and Joan Rutz could buy it and then sell it to my former husbands and I. I know what happened when I live there with my family, and that just the past fifteen years since we came into possession of the land, and then when I came to own 18 acres. Lots of healing needs to take place.

I know I need to do a healing ceremony to ask for forgiveness. I didn’t personally kick people off the land, yet I am benefitting because someone did. I hope that the community that is built can do things that help redeem the actions of the past owners, including my family and I.

Huntsville, Arkansas, 20 minutes away, is in great need of support because it has many impoverished residents, increasing amounts of drug usage, and corruption in the family court and the school system.  The local history is very distressing, with Native Americans being forced to leave Arkansas during the 1800’s Indian Removal. African Americans were also forced to leave many cities, and the former headquarters of the KuKlux Clan is only about one hour from our community. Learn more here about this tragic history. Much healing is needed in this area, as you can tell.

Yet our neighborhood, Living Springs, and our region, Northwest Arkansas, holds a lot of potential because people moved to this area from all over the United States and even the world. Fayetteville, located one hour from the community site, has been ranked as one of the fifth best cities to live in the USA. Learn more here. 

Madison County, where we are located, is also home to many people who are homesteaders and who have lived here for decades harmoniously with the folks who consider themselves natives.

I hope that some day this county, and definitely the community, can have more racial diversity, and that people can recognize the need for racial reconciliation. Our community can play a leading role in helping this happen.


Published by Patricia Mikkelson

I'm starting a Vegan, Christian Universalist Monastery for women. I am a professional organizer and I enjoy helping people declutter-virtually and in person.

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