Dr. Sailesh Rao has given me permission to use the material from the Sacred Lifeline website which you can find here.

I have made some changes to the description, but I wanted to use most of the description because it is so well-written and in alignment with my values.

As I work more with the organizations which Dr. Rao founded and leads, Climate Healers and  Vegan World 2026, I feel increasingly inspired and hopeful that I have finally found people who naturally align with the values I have been discovering over the past 45 years since, at age 19, I returned transformed after a 13 month solo trip traveling from Europe to Asia.

I hope that as time goes on, the Vegan Visions Teaching Center and Community can be officially designated as a Sacred Life Line community. At this point in time, there are no physical locations which are being worked on. According to Dr. Rao, the Vegan World 2026 basecamp project management platform is the virtual community that he and others envision.

Here is my revised description.

A seed is transformed in the process of becoming a plant. Likewise, we have to be willing to change our old identities to evolve into new beings. To quote Susan Pitcairn, an artist and a direct descendant of the US founding Father, President John Adams,

“Life is a creative journey. Each day, each moment, each thought and each act is an opportunity for creative expression. We are all actors in this vast cosmic play and together we are co-creating this very complex thing called human life on earth… In every species, there are two currents: one is the conservative current that keeps the ball rolling, that keeps the farms going, that keeps the garbage picked up and keeps the families together. The others are the creative explorers and the innovators who become the cutting edge of evolution. As we know, these two forces often clash and yet, we need them both. Life is a dance between them, but this is not us versus them. Each of us has both those forces. We have the ability to keep plugging on, to pay the bills, to get the job done, and we each have the spark of the creative that drives us to try new things, to evolve.”

We are now at a pivotal moment in human history where we are called to evolve, in a hurry. Currently, our socioeconomic system concentrates money and power in fewer and fewer economic elites who are proving to be incapable of addressing our problems honestly. As a common Tamil saying goes, “It is possible to awaken someone who is asleep, but it is impossible to awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep.” The only power we have left is the power of the people – our duty to awaken, reclaim our autonomy and create a new socioeconomic system in parallel that serves all life on Earth. We are called to summon our creative juices on behalf of all life on Earth. We are ready to get to work!

Our vision is an eco-centric, life-enriching global culture of normalized nonviolence.

Gandhi’s oft-quoted aphorism, “Be the change you want to see,” requires us to see the change that we want to be. The mission of Vegan Visions project is to embody this change. It is to integrate human economy with natural ecology, creating and cultivating thriving, regenerative, nonviolent systems of joyful living, founded on compassion for all life.

The Vegan Visions project is based on our core guiding principle that compassion for all life is infinitely sustainable. Compassion for all life is consonant with all the faith and wisdom traditions of the world. It is said that it is within human nature to be violent. But it is also within human nature to be compassionate, to adapt, survive and ultimately thrive. Just as in Nature where the caterpillar gorges itself before forcibly undergoing a metamorphosis in the chrysalis, we over-consuming humans have reached a point of being forcibly transformed within the cocoon of our finite planet into compassionate, life-affirming butterflies: Vegan life affirming butterflies. But first, we must build a socioeconomic system that is consonant with that cocoon. The Vegan Visions project is to help humanity imagine, define, implement and cultivate this system.

The Vegan Visions project is founded on the core values of Freedom, Ecological Thrivability and Sacredness of all Life, the true Foundations of Ecological Security (FES). We value that each individual is unique and should be free to contribute to the larger community as they choose within the boundaries of our community guidelines which empowers everyone to realize their fullest potential.

.We value that a thriving human economy is only possible within a thriving natural ecology. We value that all life is sacred, precious and interconnected. From an operational perspective, the change called for is from consumption to contribution as an organizing value and from competition to collaboration as an organizing principle. We will build our community on a set of principles in accordance with the Vegan World 2026! project findings:

Spiritual Principles:

  1. Animal Liberation
    2. Compassion for all Life
    3. Veganism
    4. Acceptance of all faiths and non-belief traditions
    5. Eco-centric
    6. Love of Life

Ecological Principles:

7. Biodiversity (Food Forests)
8. Climate Healing
9. Ecological Thrivability
10. Abundance
11. Life-enriching

Social Principles:

12. Guaranteed Equality
13. Community Oriented
14. Collaboration
15. Cooperative and Consensual
16. Openness and Truth
17. Durable Peace
18. Selflessness and Contentment
19. Radical Inclusion
20. Partnership/Respect relating
21. Individual Privacy / Institutional Transparency
22. Normalized Nonviolence

Economic Principles:

23. Gift Economy
24. Development
25. Ecological Currency
26. Distributed Renewable Energy
27. DC Grid
28. Robust Durability
29. Labor based on Volunteerism
30. Decommodification
31. Conscious Simplicity
32. Non-toxic Products and Processes
33. Preventive/Lifestyle Medicine

Political Principles:

34. Eco-Governance
35. Distribution of Power
36. Participatory Democracy


A global transition to a simple, Vegan lifestyle allows for massive carbon sequestration through re-wilding of the planet. In the “Lifestyle Carbon Dividend” paper that Atul Jain, Sailesh Rao, and Shijie Shu  presented at the AGU Fall Meeting in 2015  we estimated through an Earth Systems Model (ESM) developed at the University of Illinois, the Integrated Science Assessment Model (ISAM), that 265 Giga tons of Carbon (GtC) can be sequestered on just the 41% of grasslands that used to be forests in 1800, prior to human intervention for Global Animal Agriculture (GAAg). That is more carbon than the 240 GtC that was added to the atmosphere since the industrial era began in 1750 until 2015! That is such a stunning result and yet, even climate scientists don’t want to talk about it, since that requires dismantling GAAg, which is such a “Keystone”  aspect of the current system.

Therefore, our primary goal in the Vegan Visions project is to implement and demonstrate that it is possible for humanity to live comfortably in a nonviolent vegan lifestyle, while utilizing less than half the Earth’s ecological capacity, thus allowing wildlife to flourish and massive carbon sequestration to occur in recovering forests in the other half.

Our second goal is to cultivate such nonviolent vegan lifestyles throughout the world so that we realize a largely vegan World by 2026. Specifically, our goal is to ensure that at least half the citizens in developed countries such as the United States self-report to be vegan by 2026.

Our third goal is to re-wild the planet so that the biomass of wild vertebrates in 2026 is equal to or greater than the biomass of wild vertebrates in 2010 and the alarming declines reported by the World Wildlife Fund are reversed.

Tools and Technologies:

We now have the tools and technologies to build a new socioeconomic system that promotes selflessness not selfishness, generosity not greed, and activism not apathy, while ensuring that radical equality and ecological sustainability are built-in from the outset. The Internet with Holochain software technology enables true peer-to-peer communication, distributed data storage and large trust networks, Cryptography enables individual privacy, Open-source enables institutional transparency, Solar panels with DC Grid technology enables distributed energy sourcing.

The Vegan Visions project will utilize all of these available tools and technologies to create the new system. Specifically, we will support the building of two key Open-source Apps: the AhimsaCoin currency system and the TrueCost accounting system.

AhimsaCoin would be similar to Bitcoin, but with authenticated members automatically receiving one AhimsaCoin every 50 minutes into their account during their lifetime. Each AhimsaCoin entitles the owner to the productivity of 1m2 of the Earth’s surface for one year so that humanity’s global ecological footprint does not exceed half the Earth. The TrueCost value of AhimsaCoins are retired when a product is consumed by a member. As the human population increases, the frequency of AhimsaCoin issuance would decrease to one every 51 minutes, etc., to create a feedback loop for human population stabilization.

TrueCost is a measure of the true ecological footprint of any product. While we work to convert all products to be biodegradable and ecologically harmless, we are forced to use some products in the interim that are not. TrueCost accounting is essential to ensure that the AhimsaCoin economy uses no more than half the Earth. Initially, we will populate the TrueCost database with existing biodegradable, ecologically harmless, vegan products in the market and then add in possible exceptions, as we need them.


The Vegan Visions project envisions a network of radically inclusive, sustainable, off-grid, zero-waste communities, modeling and exemplifying a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. These communities will be located around the world to provide opportunities for a steady flow of local visitors to experience such a lifestyle during their visits.

Visitors could come with nothing except the clothes on their back and they will be provided with everything they need, toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, towels and other personal items that are guaranteed to be cruelty-free and toxin-free. Visitors would literally be taking on a new material identity in such a community immersion experience.

Roughly half the community would be mentors/educators and permanent residents while the other half would consist of short-term visitors, or longer-term college students working on research projects. Since almost everything needs to be changed in the Caterpillar’s violence-drenched, growth-oriented technological culture that has literally poisoned the planet, there is plenty of research work to be done, including rewriting most of our children’s stories. In addition, all material processes that routinely poison the environment today will have to be re-imagined and researched for the new paradigm as well.

The vegan communities will develop and adopt open-source software tools and technologies to ensure that their ecological footprint does not exceed half the Earth if the whole world were to live that way. The open-source software tools and technologies developed in the project will then inspire and enable these visitors to continue their lifestyle experience remotely. The goal is to spread this view of how to operationalize sacredness to every part of the Earth until we realize a radically inclusive, equitable human society that is in harmony with a thriving natural world.

Living arrangements in the Vegan Visions project would be designed to facilitate individual privacy while connecting with Nature and creating community around food production, preparation, sharing and enjoyment. Critical to the Vegan Visions project are the partnerships with universities, academic institutions, NGOs, businesses and local markets, thereby connecting those who are transitioning towards a sustainable, compassionate lifestyle with suppliers of triple green products which are kind to humans (toxin-free), kind to the planet (pollution-free) and kind to animals (cruelty-free).

The Vegan Visions project will also help to close feedback loops in the current system, for example, through recycling waste water, composting food waste and agro-ecological farming. It will also provide affordable housing and healthy, organic, plant-based food preparation and delivery. There will be a meditation/sacred space in each project location so that people of different faiths can have their sacred experiences in ways that serve them the most.

Each Vegan Visions project location will also offer specialized courses in meditation, yoga, healing of past trauma, rewinding, cold therapy, play, laughter yoga and other techniques to build resiliency in these troubled, transitional times. Revenues generated at each Vegan Visions project communities would be used to fund re-wilding projects throughout the Earth. The goal is to quickly realize the enormous carbon sequestration potential of regenerating native forests as the whole world goes vegan.

Each Vegan Visions project location is a “Model City” based and run on vegan ethics with money generated through donations, retreats, training (online and on site), forest therapy retreats, and vegan agriculture.

Many thought leaders will live in the initial Vegan Vision community with the  mission of teaching veganism and all 7 shifts found on extending out to the world using social media, from their production studios, broadcasting on Zoom cooperating with Radish, and creating podcasts to share solutions.


The Proposed Show Segments of

·  Vegan Revolution
·  Healthy Mind, Body and Planet Events
·  Vegan Compassion
·  Award Winning Vegan Recipes prepared by Chefs
·  Vegan Spirituality
·  Awakening to Ahimsa (Nonviolence)
·  Vegan Travel Log
·  Staying Committed to Vegan Ethics
·  Saving the World One Bite at a Time

This programming will provide a transformational experience for the mind, body, and spirit for true vegan renewal and awakening.  Most important, we will broadcast to hearts and minds with nourishment for a more loving and compassionate world and to normalize this new way of joyful living.

Published by Patricia Mikkelson

I'm starting a Vegan, Christian Universalist Monastery for women. I am a professional organizer and I enjoy helping people declutter-virtually and in person.

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