Seven Sacred Teachings of the First Nation people: These Are Core Values of Vegan Visions








These are the seven sacred teachings. I call them values. I will be writing more about these values in other posts. We have so much to learn from First Nations people. Here is the description of this book:

The Seven Sacred Teachings is a message of traditional values and hope for the future. The Teachings are universal to most First Nation peoples. These Teachings are aboriginal communities from coast to coast. They are a link that ties First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities together.

David Bouchard is Canada’s most renowned and awarded Métis author. Dr. Joseph Martin has spent his life coming to understand the Sacred Teachings. Métis Kristy Cameron took a year out of her life to interpret the Teachings through her art. Swampfox has created seven flutes out of seven different woods, each in the key that is consistent with a particular Teaching. This master flute maker then dreamed seven songs to accompany this telling.

Look to the East. Is it not easy to see how insignificant you are when you marvel at the rising sun? Wolf, who epitomizes the Teaching of Humility, howls announcing the arrival of Grandfather Sun. Through Wolf, we learn that the pack is more important than the individual. The Trembling Aspen models Humility and the song you’ll hear is in the key of C – because C exemplifies Humility.

Rooted in humility and honesty, the creators have tried to respect the cultures and traditions of all peoples. It is our hope that this telling will unite and thus heal divisions. Prophecies tell that this is the time for One Heart, One Mind and One Drum. We, readers and authors alike, are the ones we have been waiting for. There is nobody else who can revitalize our culture and values except ourselves.

It is our hope that this telling might move readers toward greater courage and wisdom and ultimately toward achieving and understanding what is true in life’s journey.

Thanks to Myles Flaig, my friend from Canada, who supplies me with invaluable resources.

You can purchase the book here. 


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I'm starting a Vegan, Christian Universalist Monastery for women. I am a professional organizer and I enjoy helping people declutter-virtually and in person.

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