About Patricia Mikkelson

I have been working since 1975 in various ways to help “save the world.”

This list can give you some ideas of the projects I have worked on.

It might seem counter-intuitive to include this experience at the very top, but I just think that you need to learn this side of me–the whistle blower aspect. I suffered a lot because I stood up for innocent people who were unwilling to reveal their names at times for fear of repercussions. I suffered because I lost what I thought were close friendships. And if I had this to do over again–I would do the same thing.

I was very drawn to work with Direct Action Everywhere for almost 3 years because I felt inspired by their whole-systems approach, especially animal liberation. However, I was deeply hurt, disillusioned and concerned by their actions towards me and others who entered the Berkeley DXE Chapter with high hopes and trust. So you can learn about my whistleblower abilities here. 

This letter of recommendation  describes how I helped inspire a rather hopeless activist community to get re-engaged resulting in a tree-sit, saving some old growth trees, and the Fayetteville city government become more progressive.

This list of recommendations from a variety of people can give you a sense of the history of my leadership abilities.

I have had a desire to live in an intentional community since I was 21, in 1975. When I first heard the words, “intentional community” back in the late 70’s, I was so curious! And when I learned more from very first Directory of Intentional Communities,I was hooked on this dream.

A Vegan Community near Kingston: Much history and pictures of the sites we are working on are included on this Facebook Page.

Twitter: Get an idea of the kinds of things I am interested in. 

Youtube: This will provide you with a nice history of the community building efforts and the kinds of topics I am drawn to. 

Intentional Communities Directory Listing: 

Spiritual life

Facebook, Soul Pauses for Body, Mind andSoul: You can get to know me really well here! I am spontaneous and vulnerable. 

Projects, Current

Animal Lovers of the Ozarks: I co-founded this group. 

Community Connect: Recent blog This blog is from when I first got started. I want to get these gathering started again in the near future

Projects, Past 

Can you tell that I love to start projects? I am happy that I had wonderful people who wanted to help with these projects. 

Critical Mass Project: Even though I did very little with this blog, it really was part of my motivation to go to the Bay Area in 2016 where my life changed forever in so many ways!

Berkeley Politics:  In the past, I have taken on too many projects. This was one of them! We had one interesting meeting. 

Timebanking in Bay Area:  I worked with AZ Zahid and a few others to try to get the Bay Area Community Exchange up and running.  Although 

Kindness Alliance: When Bob Jordan fell off a roof and had brain damage which inspired him to be very kind, we felt inspired to start this group where we met every month at Ann Shaw’s home for a year. Some have said that this was what inspired the Compassion Fayettevilleproject. 

I Luv Fayetteville: For some reason which I do not remember, I just felt compelled to take on yet another project! We had a very successful event using Open Space Technology at the co-working place, The Ice Berg, but things fizzled after that. I think God was telling me to focus, and not get spread too thin!

Life Coaching: My friend, Scott Masters, and I kept trying to hone our coaching skills and start a coaching collective. Although our dreams never became reality, we enjoyed the ride. I think all the skills I learned got into my subconscious and I use them in my day to day life and in mentoring others. Scott and I continue to be close friends, and he is so supportive of  my efforts at creating community. Maybe some day he will join me!

Wellspring Ecovillage: When I returned from my month-long tour of Christian communities, I felt inspired to start a community with my two former husbands and our children. They agreed! We really did have fun meeting often to discuss community dreamsm share a meal and have wonderful fellowship together. 

Dignity Village: I wanted to support hardworking Michael Brown get a community for homeless people established in Fayetteville. So I started a Facebook pagefor him and administrated it for a while.  Last time I talked to him, he was still working on this project. 


Facebook page, personal: I am an open book! I’ve been on Facebook for a long time.  Anyone can view my profile.

Family blog:At one time, we were experimenting with calling our family a community, and this is a record of that time. 

My business blog:  I am still open for business!

My personal blog:  You can learn about what I’ve been up to since 2007!

Recommendations and history: I gathered most of my recommendations up on this page, and I could add a bunch more. 

Parenting and childraising philosophy: 

Organizing Stories: An old blog about some of my first organizing experiences

Experience with NonViolent Communication: I have been studying and practicing NVC since 1988, when my son was living in my womb.


I used to be a musician and I produced 7 tapes (yes, that was when cassette tapes where in vogue). Here is a sample: http://www.songsforteaching.com/store/can-do-kids-cooperative-learning-mini-album-download-pr-58272.html

Another song: http://www.songsforteaching.com/charactereducationsongs/illpicturemyselfsucceeding.htm

More songs: https://betterworld.bandcamp.com/album/can-do-kids-self-esteem

Us against the problem: http://www.songsforteaching.com/charactereducationsongs/itsusagainsttheproblem.htm

An article in the Free Weekly: http://www.freeweekly.com/2015/12/16/making-the-holidays-meaningful-sustainable-and-simple/





Published by Patricia Mikkelson

I'm starting a Vegan, Christian Universalist Monastery for women. I am a professional organizer and I enjoy helping people declutter-virtually and in person.

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