Visitor Information Packet: still in process!

Thanks to East Wind for providing such a comprehensive visitor packet that I used as a template. You can find the original here.  These guidelines were revised after I left. I think that the conflicts that arose because of lack of guidance that contributed to me being kicked out of East Wind inspired many ofContinue reading “Visitor Information Packet: still in process!”

More values to consider

  The Enneagram is a way of reflecting on yourself and others–to understand that we are usually born with certain efficiencies, tendencies, and priorities. I  hope that we will use the enneagram as we get to know each other.  Reading these values, I thought that these are values that we want to create space for in theContinue reading “More values to consider”

Overall Membership Process

This is a sample document from a community that is part of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities. Thank you,, for providing all these sample documents. As you can see, membership process is quite detailed, and it is essential that people who are serious about joining a community go through various stages so everyone canContinue reading “Overall Membership Process”

Toward Enlightened Community

A description of a book By David Truman and Sara Donna I am publishing this description because I feel inspired simply by this writing. I hope to read it soon, but even if I don’t, I wonder–is there something that inspires you about this description? ………….. Communities come together for a variety of purposes, andContinue reading “Toward Enlightened Community”

Current Status

I have been trying to create an intentional community ever since I heard about the concept 45 years ago when my now former husband, Cliff, introduced me to the concept. We bought the very first Intentional Communities Directory which the Federation for Intentional Communities published. Now you can find the directory online at IContinue reading “Current Status”

Using the Enneagram as a tool for defining the values and character traits we want to express.

I thought the article below makes a lot of sense. I have long been interested in the Enneagram as a way of understanding myself and others. This approach makes sense because these are universal character traits and values that people hold. the only one I don’t understand is number 6: Loyalist: I value guarantees. IContinue reading “Using the Enneagram as a tool for defining the values and character traits we want to express.”

Wild Edibles Will Be Part of Our Diet at Vegan Visions Community

Here in the Ozarks, there are plants that actually grow all year long–like wintercress. Yes, we want to grow lots of food, yet foraging for wild plants is a great use of our time, and yields a high amount of nutrients. Here is sd useful article. The Art of the Dinner Date Here are myContinue reading “Wild Edibles Will Be Part of Our Diet at Vegan Visions Community”